Covid 19, Corona Virus Relief Program

The ongoing lockdown, in the wake of the covid-19, corona virus pandemic, has badly affected the bottom level lives. Some of the most vulnerable communities across the country, such as disabled family, migrant laborers, waste pickers, and single mothers. It is to cushion the impact of the crisis on these sections, and to ensure their access to essentials, that not-for-profit organizations are working for. Akshar Arambha Nepal-AAN, Lila Nath Pahadi is helping that community with the essential food, ingredients, and with the safety supplies. Our initiatives and connecting people with the efforts on ground, and some of our donor agency helped us to put together with other NGOs, charities and private institutions, which are working towards this cause. We have also been working for covid-19, corona virus pre-causation, and prevention and safety guidelines

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